Mechanical interlocking systems

TECNORENOVA markets a high quality mechanical locking system with a very reliable service. Our locking system is made exclusively for each customer according to their specifications. This system ensures total security preventing any type of error that can cause an accident, and can be used in circuit breakers, switches, control panels, safety valves, doors, etc., covering the needs of industrial sectors such as petrochemical, nuclear, thermal, electrical, solar and wind power..

Portable equipment for oil change in wind turbines

Thanks to the confidence of its customers, TECNORENOVA has evolved and adapted to meet new demands in the wind sector by designing portable equipment for changing oil in wind turbines, which is for sale or rent.

Custom electrical panels

TECNORENOVA offers the possibility of custom manufacturing and supply of electrical panels, adapting to customer needs.
TECNORENOVA infrastructure allows it to offer high standards of quality at competitive prices, with service guarantee.


TECNORENOVA offers lifting equipment and work adapted to the leading manufacturers of wind turbines, offering a solution to every need that is required today for the installation and repair of wind turbines.


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