Corporate social responsibility

TECNORENOVA is an organization committed to society and the environment. The management discloses and promotes the values ​​of the company so that all those within its sphere of influence also feel committed to the ethical principles of it.

TECNORENOVA as a company working in the international arena, in addition to complying with the laws, rules and regulations both international and local in all countries where it operates, is engaged primarily in the following areas:

Quality and Transparency
TENORENOVA aims to grow and develop in the hands of their customers, large and small, for this we offer professional, competitive and efficient services.

For company management, quality and transparency are essential components of business operation. To ensure this objective is achieved, the company has implemented a quality management system according to UNE-EN ISO 9001. In this manner, TECNORENOVA improves every year its ability to provide services that meet the customer requirements.

Within this improvement objective, it is further envisioned that TECNORENOVA providers share the same values ​​and are also ethically responsible.

To TECNORENOVA the wind sector is not only a sector but an opportunity to work to preserve the environment, helping to develop and expand a renewable energy, clean, inexhaustible and reducing the use of fossil fuels.

Given its commitment to the environment TECNORENOVA has established Environmental Management System according to the UNE-EN ISO 1400, which allows you to evaluate all environmental aspects involved in each of the activities developed by the organization. The permanent objective is to avoid any contamination, minimizing waste generation and using natural and energy resources in an increasingly efficient manner.

Human Resources
TECNORENOVA promotes a diverse and dynamic work environment with which it aims to support, motivate and help develop their employees. Promotes employment in the community where it is established and the hiring of young people without previous experience to train them and give them the opportunity to participate in a growing sector. Thanks to this commitment TECNORENOVA has a team that is enthusiastic, experienced and professional.

In order of safety and health TECNORENOVA has an objective of “zero accidents”. The improvement of working conditions and health for its workers is done primarily through ongoing training, periodic review and renewal of equipment for individual and collective protection.

The management of TECNORENOVA in the process of decision-making not only assesses the impact of its actions on employees, customers, suppliers and the environment, but also in the communities with which it interacts both in Spain and abroad .
In this regard it is noteworthy the specific actions that the team TECNORENOVA has implemented to improve the chances and opportunities for the communities where it is located.

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